We need The Media to change

The world is accelerating and local news the way it looks today can’t keep up. We need a new model — one that’s dedicated to delivering trustworthy, independent, and meaningful journalism where it matters most.

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We’re creating a sustainable model for local journalism that empowers people to make positive change in their community


We hire the best journalists rooted in underserved communities


We give them a mandate to cover the stories that matter, without distraction


We empower them to produce and distribute outstanding journalism


We reinvest revenue back into local newsrooms and the communities they support

We’re building the infrastructure to free local journalism

Free from the paywall

Because local journalism should be freely accessible to anyone, not just those who can afford it

Free from the shackles of pageviews

Our journalists only cover meaningful stories that impact local community life

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Free from intrusive ads

No disruptive banners or video ads – instead, each visit to The Media is funded by a single partner

Free from invasive tracking

No cookies, no tracking – a media so private it doesn't need a privacy policy

We're partnering with national brands, local businesses and commercial media organisations who want to protect local journalism for future generations


We make you matter to local communities by turning you into forces of positive change

Local Businesses

Together we can change the world around us and help local economies thrive

Media Organisations

Together we can amplify the impact that journalism has on society

The Media was founded in 2020 by Oliver Williams and Ash Read, two friends who believe that a quality, free and independent local media is critical to society

Oliver Williams

Oliver has spent over a decade working at some of the biggest (and smallest) media organisations in the country. He's currently Commercial Product Director at News UK and before that held senior roles at Archant and Newsquest.

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Ash Read

Ash is Editorial Director at Buffer, where he leads their content team and award-winning blog. He's written for publications including Fast Company, Lifehacker, The Next Web and Entrepreneur.

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